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XSNS - Social Networking Service

gigamaster submitted 2008/4/5 8:23, published 2008/4/5 8:23 | 33374 views
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The purpose of this module is to group XOOPS registered users interested in talking with other users about a specific topic, or if you prefer, to group some members to exchange ideas about a topic, upload pictures and files.

XSNS version 1.1.0 is translated to english, bugfix and comes with new features

Compatibility D3 (Duplicatable V3)

Community features

+Community popular viewing features
+Community administrator editing feature set
+image upload feature
+file upload function (document)
+Less post comments support the view Less
+event notification feature

My page features

+community participation, display My Friend's
+recent information of community participation
+display recent information of friends blog
+My Friend's show features testimonials
+function to display: Weblog, WeblogD3, WordPress XOOPS Module
+information of new site features

Admin page

+General Settings
+Image management features
+File management functions
+Simple feature access analysis

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Re: XSNS - Social Networking Service 
skelink posted 2008/4/8 20:32

I get a lot of mistakes when i start the modul. Have you an readme.html in english? The readme.html from the modul is only in japanese. Maybe i have a wrong istallation.


from skelink

Re: XSNS - Social Networking Service 
magicman posted 2008/4/9 5:39

i love to try it but many bugs and no english information:(

Re: XSNS - Social Networking Service 
avtx30 posted 2008/4/9 7:49 in reply to #46

I did some translations here

Tested environments

- XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.1
- XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.2
- XOOPS 2.0.16a JP

Server: Windows XP Professional SP2 + Apache 2.2.4 + MySQL 5.0.45 + PHP 5.2.3(XAMPP)

It will not work on other xoops: xoops 2.0.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x from xoops.org, impresscms


1) Define XOOPS_TRUST_PATH in your mainfile.php
2) Unpack the package to get 'html' folder and 'xoops_trust_path' folder.
- Copy content under 'html' to your XOOPS_ROOT_PATH. You can name the folder under modules/ anything you like instead of 'xsns'
- Copy content under 'xoops_trust_path' to your XOOPS_TRUST_PATH. You cannot rename the folder 'xsns' here
3) Install it as a normal module from admin control panel. Do not forget to chmod some folders

XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/uploads/xsns [777]
XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/uploads/xsns/thumbnail1 [777]
XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/uploads/xsns/thumbnail2 [777]
XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/uploads/xsns/thumbnail3 [777]

Demo sites: http://www.nhatban.net/demo/

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