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The First Release of Hoda-juku Distribution

minahito submitted 2008/3/3 23:21, published 2008/3/3 23:21 | 27312 views

The Hoda-juku distribution 1.0 is available! This distribution is a special package that collects popular modules and implements many customizing. If you think that the distribution is just package, you're misunderstanding. The distribution has 10+1 big differences from pure Package_Legacy.

  • Custom Installer --- setup additional configurations automatically
  • Trusted Modules --- collects popular & secure modules (D3 mainly)
  • Help Basic Settings --- help you at xoops_trust_path, protector and so on
  • UTF-8 Native
  • W3C Valid Themes --- easy to use as base theme for your customizing
  • Accessibility --- WCAG 1.0 OK
  • Unified Feeling to Operate --- original icons to help you for operations
  • Secure Site Management --- protector in default
  • More Flexibility Customizing --- language packs and templates are under themes
  • Good CMS --- most operations within a web browser
  • Adapt Mobiles --- new module "wizmobile" runs for mobiles(phones)

You should try this right now, not read my poor English introduction. Download from here.

And, I propose that we (xc.org) should have a link to the HD site.

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Re: The First Release of Hoda-juku Distribution 
gigamaster posted 2008/3/4 0:05

Just add a link on the support sites block.

I'll give a try and check the installer. Maybe adopt something user-friendly for the next release of Package_Legacy.


Re: The First Release of Hoda-juku Distribution 
gusagi posted 2008/3/4 12:44

Thanks minahito, for your annouce of this news.

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