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XOOPS Cube.org User Interface

gigamaster submitted 2008/2/22 1:16, published 2008/2/22 1:17 | 25150 views
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We are not only improving Xoopscube.org theme, which will be changing the next days, but also admin User Interface for a better User Experience.

It's a very important step to communicate the features of XOOPS Cube and specifically the package Legacy that distinguish this project from Xoops or any other fork around.

I hope you enjoy sharing this evolution ^^

We have some samples, preloads, and some "How To"

Minahito also made an effort to clearly communicate XC abstraction quite successful with the eye-catch keynote

Developers made an amazing job programing a new code with the possibility to extend and personalize with intuitive user interfaces.

So, we are going to visually communicate the advantages to end-users with graphics, screenhots and tutorials:

+ modular architecture
+ user interface (ergonomics, improved User Experience)
+ personalization : frontend and admin theme
+ extension : preloads (how to add a class)
+ D3 modules, language vars editable through admin interface
+ D3 modules, permissions by group, and by user
+ Xigg as SNS and independent app with illimited plugins
And a few more surprises.
Have fun !


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Re: XOOPS Cube.org User Interface 
plusangel posted 2008/2/22 16:57

I believe that the next days we will proceed to a targeted presentation of the web application framework called xoops cube.

The xoops cube and xoops relation start and ends on the legacy module.

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