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IRC Channel Opened for test

minahito submitted 2007/11/17 1:17, published 2007/11/17 1:17 | 31036 views

In the sourceforge.net forum, we have discussed whether we should have a IRC channel. And now, we opened a channel for test

- server: irc.freenode.net
- channel: ##xoopscube
- Choose UTF-8 encode in your IRC channel.

"Gusagibot" is joining to the channel always. Gusagibot is a bot who keeps a channel open state. The bod is supplied from Mr, gusagi. Thanks!

We can record logs of IRC. But, we should not use IRC for important topics that we need log. So I don't know whether we need log. Because XOOPS Cube is open world, we may need log of IRC. But, many OSS projects doesn't publish logs, because they don't talk important topics in IRC.

Ummm... At the beginning, test ##xoopscube channel. Then, let's decide rules!

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