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Server maintenance (Feb 1st 21:00-23:00 JST) and change of forum settings.

ayumi submitted 2006/2/1 2:01, published 2006/2/1 12:00 | 13845 views

We will close this site temporary on Feb 1st 21:00-23:00 JST. to upgrade modules.

At the upgrade, we are going to change settings of forum module (xhnewbb) to disable displaying of external site images in posts (including body and signature of messages).

Main reason to disable external images is to keep user privacy and security. By using external images, it may be possible to trace unique userís IP address. In the xoopscube.jp forum, we had discussion on this topic and decided to disable images. We guess same concern would be applied to this site.

Another reason is to make consideration for variety of telecommunication environment. Some people still use narrowband dial-up access. Some people may use mobile access with PDA. To consider these environment, it may be good to regulate displaying images in forum post.

All [ img ] post in past will be shown as an external link. So, we think it is possible to check contents in past. We appreciate your understanding and corporation.

If you have some opinion or suggestion, please let us know in the forum.

XOOPS Cube Project Team

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