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The Gnavi module was developed in order to draw up a local area guide. It's released with a nice feature to map your articles with personalized icons on your Google Maps.

Gnavi module is based on MyAlbum-P by Gijoe, D3 and XOOPS_TRUST_PATH.

Since Gnavi became Duplicatable V3 you can improve your site interoperability by installing the comment function for d3forum integration.

There's a few more features that i'm sure you will be glad to discover reading more ^^


+ Making use of Google Maps to map articles
+ Up to 3 pictures by article
+ Multiple categories (maximum of 5 places)
+ Postal code address support (install AjaxZip2)
+ Add your own icons to represent the places on the map
+ KML output function
(the contents on GNAVI can also be seen on GoogleEarth)


System module should be present but installation is not necessary
Altsys and d3forum (if comment function is used)

/!\ Check that XOOPS_TRUST_PATH is setting within mainfile.php

1) Upload html/modules/gnavi under XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/modules.

2) The module directory "Gnavi" can be renamed to your favorite name, for example, "map" or "guide".

3) Upload "xoops_trust_path/modules/gnavi" under XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/modules

ATTENTION! Do not rename this folder "gnavi"!

4) Install Gnavi as any XOOPS module

5) Create a category and define permissions.

Resuming requirements and recommendations

Now, you can download the plugin to manage comments with D3Forum!
Upload and Override your Gnavi installation.

You can get a Google Maps API Key for free

And set your WYSIWYG editor, SpawEditor or FCKEditor
from Gijoe's site


Editors that are not installed on folder "/common" are not supported !

+prototype.js The AJAX framework to provide a better user experience when interacting with GoogleMap, searching for an address and, or postal code.
(Lisense: Prototype is freely distributable under the terms of an MIT-style license.)

+AjaxZip2 When installed, an address can be indicated from a postal code.
It's released by KAWA.NET (Japanese only)
(BSD license. Regardless of private + commercial use)

Wiki Compatibility Report

Module Gnavi


Photos Page and Page Map

Translations are welcome!

Have Fun !

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Re: Gnavi 
plusangel posted 2007/11/16 18:40

I'm happy when I discover fresh modules for our xoops cube!

Nice work.

And also nice work from Nuno who always keep us informed!

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