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Admin Theme Changer v0.21

gigamaster submitted 2007/10/30 0:53, published 2007/10/30 0:53 | 27947 views
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XOOPS Cube Legacy benefits from a very unique and original concept where freedom plays a central role and demonstrates that an healthy open source environment is feasible without a common business model.

This module release is another proof of concept that may convince the hesitant users, developers and designers of the good balance between development and design that exist in a solid base of freedom for innovation and creativity.

AdminTheme v0.21 release.

XOOPS Cube also means freedom to customize your administration interface the way we feel the most comfortable.

To test the new Legacy modules that use smarty templates, a few admin themes were designed and developers quickly reply with a solution to switch from one admin theme to another. Happily, people still innovating, sharing ideas and usability improvements for further creations!

This release provides extra features alike the possibility to place and run your admin themes from module directory or themes folder. It is an easy, efficient and elegant solution to manage front-end and admin themes.

This release fixes a reported small bug.

But it also includes 3 Admin Themes so that you can enjoy testing and start build and customize your own administration interface.

--- Very truly yours Haruka @ chatnoir (Representation post)

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Re: Admin Theme Changer v0.21 
plusangel posted 2007/10/31 2:06

Great Job MariJuana!


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