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Release of XOOPS Cube 2.1 alpha 4

ayumi submitted 2006/8/5 1:15, published 2006/8/6 11:30 | 10582 views

We are pleased to announce release of XOOPS Cube 2.1 alpha 4.

This is alpha release which may includes some serious bugs and its specification may be changed in future. Please use it at your own risk.

XOOPS Cube 2.1 alpha 2 has some bug-fix and improvement from the XOOPS Cube alpha 3, which was released in May. Please also refer to news of alpha 1, 2 and 3 release for details of XOOPS Cube 2.1.

1. Release schedule and future function enhancing of XOOPS Cube 2.1.
1) Bug fix of Legacy module
Base module of XOOPS Cube 2.1 is extensible by users. To ensure coming release schedule, we fix functions of XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 as of the alpha 4 release. From the alpha 4 to official (stable) release of XOOPS Cube 2.1, we focus on trimming of XCube namespace and plan to add following functions and updates ;
- Fix bugs which are reported by users.
- Add and adjust delegate functions with some case studies.
- Adjust SQL utilities.
- Adjust duplicated language definitions.
- Tune up templates and CSS.

We are going to wait bug reports from users for 3 to 4 weeks, release latest archived files from CVS every week if it is needed. If we complete trimming of templates with less bug reports, we release beta version of the XOOPS Cube 2.1.
We are planning to release the bate 1 at 26th August or 2nd September.

2) Fix of XCube namespace
We haven't fix XCube namespace, parallel development of XCube namespace is scheduled along with bug fixes of Legacy module.

To fix format of manifesto, specifications of XCube namespace, we are going to develop some prototype applications which use the manifesto, check inadequacy or shortfall of specifications. Core development team would focus on fix of XCube namespace, we would like to ask you to test the alpha version and find bugs of XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.

After fixing all specifications, we are going to merge and archive it as beta 2.
We are planning to release the beta 2 on 2nd September, the schedule might be changed owing to developing circumstance.

3) Beta 2 to RC
There is possibilities that change of XCube namespace may cause some problem on Legacy modules. We'll check it and fix bugs in case of being.

2. Changes and updates from the alpha 2 release.
1) Change in Delegate Class
Delegate Class is renewed to class design with a conception the function pointer.

2) Adding functions of XOOPS 2.0.X system module
Some functions of XOOPS 2.0.X system module has been added.
Functions of xmlrpc.php has been omitted.

3) Change of XCube namespace

3. Download
Please refer to the download page. Please refer to this post for installation and upgrades.

4. Feedback
If you find any bugs, please report it at the Core Development forum.

There are many different from the alpha 2 release. It may be difficult to update from the alpha 2 to the alpha 3. We recommend initial installation if you use the alpha 3 release. Specifications of XOOPS Cube 2.1 may be changed in future releases. The XOOPS Cube 2.1 alpha is just for experiments use. We ask you to use this package at your own risk.

We are sorry for delay of the schedule. The development of XOOPS Cube 2.1 is coming to final step. To make the XOOPS Cube 2.1 more stable, we appreciate your experiments use and bug reports.

Thank you for your attention and we are expecting for your feedbacks.

XOOPS Cube Project Team

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