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XOOPS Cube Legacy Experimental aka UNMG

gigamaster submitted 2008/11/16 20:04, published 2008/11/16 20:04 | 23583 views
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The main goal of XOOPS Cube Legacy Modules repository was to provide a common Graphical User Interface (templates set, stylesheet, icons) and release a package with a set of modules ready to use out of the box.

Recently it becomes an experimental repository to test future features. And today it includes the following css frameworks (themes) and modules.

This should work smoothly on XOOPSERVER 5 but also with Xamp or Mamp under Mac and Linux - You may need to change memory settings of these two environments to 16mb minimum.

Package Features

CSS Frameworks with GUI builder to easy create theme layouts. These frameworks are well documented and simple to reset browsers default css, typo and layout. The css structure is alike table columns and rows. It's easier to define position of any block/element and it's cross-browser.



Editor and Filemanger

FCKEditor with plugin KFM (file and image manager) Translated to Japanese by Higashi



Actually shared by Wanikoo's Themes but could be used by modules


Documentation and Licenses of Modules and Themes



This folder includes some modified admin interface, templates and samples. This is not an extensive list nor representative of modules available to XOOPS Cube Legacy


This folder includes CSS Frameworks samples and Wanikoo themes Most themes have a clear description. But there's no design yet, only the html structure with js and css path.

Images and Uploads

This folder includes many new graphics too and some changes to default sql. Keep in mind, please, this is experimental and should not be used to upgrade, nor used in any production environment.

Install Local Server - Portable WAMP

Download XOOPSERVER 5 - http://code.google.com/p/xoopserver/
Run xoopserver.exe and double-click Xoopserver icon from windows bar
This will launch web interface with default folders, php info and phpmyadmin.

Download and Install XOOPS Cube Legacy Experimental

Download xoopscube-modules and keep "xoops_trust_path" under your local site folder.


copy files from folder "html" to


copy folder "xoops_trust_path" to


Installer requires username and password


username : admin
password : admin

XOOPS Cube Legacy Configuration

Database : mysql
Database Hostname : localhost
Database Username : root
Database Password :
Database Name : free name
Table Prefix : free
SALT : free
Use persistent connection? (x) No
XOOPS Cube Physical Path : W:/www/distribution_unmg
XOOPS Cube Virtual Path (URL) : http://localhost/distribution_unmg


Database should be created automatically !
If not, please, go to phpmyadmin from Xoopserver web interface
to create a new database


We need everybody feedback. Is this intuitive? What should be changed?
Feedback will help to keep GUI, themes and templates easy to edit by everyone
and XCL User Interface simple to use. Designers can help editing templates to
be implemented by developers in further releases.That way, developers can
get more free time to share knowledge and code to increase modules

All In ! All Win ^^

There's a lot of little things to improve, many modules to review, security to check, and many more to reach a simple common user interface for all modules. But I believe, if you, me and anyone using XCL can contribute with a few minutes and little feedback, together we can make XOOPS Cube Legacy a great tool to express our creativity.

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