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XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.6 RC2 is available!

gigamaster submitted 2008/10/27 19:30, published 2008/10/27 19:30 | 22812 views
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Release Note & Change Log:

XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.6 RC2 is available. This is the latest version of 2.1.x
and its Release Candidate. We're going to release the stable edition in a
weeks, if 2.1.6 RC2 doesn't have any big bugs.

This version includes many fixes that need confirming, so it's important that users try to test RC:

==Important Fixes==
===Fix Bug #1978064 - users_group_link doesn't have unique key===
We added unique key rule to users_group_link table and made it stable.
XCL got to prevent the group link table breaking. If you will do clean-install
2.1.6RC, you will get unique key setting from the beginning. There are not
any problems.

But, if you will upgrade your XCL from older version to 2.1.6 RC, the phased
upgrade feature will try add the constraint to your existing table when you
will update legacy module. This is a very important feature of 2.1.6RC. And,
it needs your confirming.

It may not run on some MySQL versions. XCL community needs to check
troubles by testing RC. For testing, we may need to install XCL 2.1.5 and
update it to 2.1.6 RC many times.

Anyhow if your XCL or your MySQL reports some troubles, please tell us via
community forums or the bug tracker.

(If users will report their troubles to community forums, we will hope that Community Leaders (moderators) will write those reports to the bug tracker.)

===Fix Bug #2073613 - Problem of parse_url().===
X2/XCL tries to parse URL automatically on any environments. So we keep
efforts for automatic URL parsing, but has encountered troubles by changing
URL parsing sometimes. This fix is one of things that you need to check on
your environment.

Install 2.1.6 RC to your environment and check whether all modules you
installed run correctly on 2.1.6 RC.

===Lisence URL changes===
Because GNU changed their standard license from GPL V2 to GPL V3, we
needed to change license URL that we had embededd to our source code.
Now, GPL lisence URL is
NOT http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html.

If you see old URLs, please tell us.

==How to Upgrade==
===Upgrade from 2.1.5 to 2.1.6 RC===
The project recommends to test 2.1.6 RC on your local server like XAMPP with
backup data of your XCL.

Remove mainfile.php and /install directory from the package not to break
your current environment. Next, upload files of the package to your server
(or your local server).

Finally, do update modules indicating red icon in the module management of
the control panel. You may close the site in the control panel to hide your

===Upgrade from 2.1.6 RC to 2.1.6 RC2===
Remove mainfile.php and /install directory from the package not to break
your current environment. Next, upload files of the package to your server
(or your local server).

==For Translator==
Some temrs and messages were added to message catalog (language file)
--- /modules/legacy/language/{language_name}/admin.php.

Because developers are not good at all languages, we wrote English Message
to those files. Please translate it and commit to HEAD directly (OR send a file
to minahito at users.sourceforge.net).

New Defininations:

== Staff ==
- argon
- gusagi
- hypweb (nao-pon)
- kilica
- Marijuana
- Mikhail
- minahito
- mumincacao
- nor
- okuhiki
- ohwada
- orrisroot
- sacchan
- tohokuaiki
- tomoro
- Tom_G3X

[Bug Fix - From Bug Tracker]
- Fix Bug #1833191 - lisense message of installer
- Fix Bug #1865695 - XoopsToken Not in use. at legacy_comment_navi.html
- Fix Bug #1978064 - users_group_link doesn't have unique key
- Fix Bug #2014727 - Removed template variable code that is assigned many times.
- Fix Bug #2015589 - genId typo in some handlers in kernel.
- Fix Bug #2018226 - It's impossible to choose portuguese in the installer
- Fix Bug #2018271 - ThemeListAction.class.php resulting Warning and Fatal Error.
- Fix Bug #2018281 - xoopsmailer.php - path disclosure vulnerability.
- Fix Bug #2018284 - path disclosure vulnerability in greek\charset_mysql.php.
- Fix Bug #2018956 - xoops_redirect parameter: path disclosure vulnerability.
- Fix Bug #2019640 - invalid / unnecessary files in portuguese translation.
- Fix Bug #2019660 - "MSN" no longer exists. Replace with "Windows Live ID"
- Fix Bug #2028663 - Update Callback is not called at pending comments approval
- Fix Bug #2062535 - css.php doesn't work perfectly.
- Fix Bug #2073613 - Problem of parse_url().
- Fix Bug #2084802 - Users' posts should not be increased at the control panel
- Fix Bug #2101729 - Typo comment in Legacy_ModulePhasedUpgrader
- Fix Bug #2115390 - GPL V2 License Link is changed
- Fix Bug #2115634 - $db->query() cannot handle only limit query.
- Fix Bug #2121388 - Missing translation in japanese language file.
- Fix Bug #2123870 - register.php :: missing user_mail_ok
- Fix Bug #2129194 - A typo of SID's connector in redirect_header
- Fix Bug #2173864 - ModuleInstaller set invalid group permission.

[Other Changes/Enhancements]
- Patch #2062644 - Re-draw /html/images
- Patch #2120194 - Smarty 2.6.19 & phpmailer 2.0.2
- Some URLs description was changed for new lisence URLs.
- The Kick Start Guide was translated for Japanese.

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