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XOOPSERVER 4 release 20.08.2008

gigamaster submitted 2008/8/20 20:51, published 2008/8/20 20:52 | 19168 views
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I'm very happy to announce you the release of XOOPSERVER 4

The 08.08.2008 marked the end of life for PHP 4, which has been in stable release since May, 2000. With eight years of legacy code out there, it is likely that there are going to be a fairly large number of systems that will not migrate to PHP 5 in the near future, and a reasonable proportion of those that will not make the migration at all. And that is also why I'm sure you will enjoy the great work done by developers with Legacy system!

XOOPSERVER is a portable WAMP - Windows Apache MySQL and PHP solution to run and experiment XOOPS Cube Legacy, HD Distribution or any package from Legacy Modules D3


It's easy as download, unzip and double click to launch the server which will create

a virtual drive w:/ and display the following web interface

Mikhail, XC and HD Teams, You and me
All members of open source community
add to comments please ^^


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XOOPSEVER 4 20.08.2008

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