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Xigg XOOPS Cube Module Version 1.21 Released

onokazu submitted 2008/7/20 14:07, published 2008/7/20 14:07 | 25206 views
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Xigg XOOPS Cube module version 1.21 has been released which includes fixes for several bugs found in 1.20.


Files are available for download at the download page of xigg.org.


Download the all-in-one package, and then either upload all the files in the package on the server or you can just upload the files listed below. After upload, go to the module administration page and then update the Xigg module.

Files modified from 1.20

Fixed fatal error caused when clicking a tag link of an unpublished article.
Fixed article post date displayed as year 1970 on certain occasions.
Fixed unpublished articles being displayed within published article block.
Fixed assign roles by group page not functioning.
Updated version number.

What's next

Version 1.30 is expected to be released within this month, which will include upgrade of backend libraries and file management feature provided by the core or via a plugin. Also planned is the forum version of Xigg called XiggBB as a separate module but using the same core as with Xigg. You can see XiggBB in action at XOOPS Cube Japan Forum.

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