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Module: MyLinks + Captcha

gigamaster submitted 2008/4/7 10:04, published 2008/4/7 10:04 | 17513 views
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My Links 1.1.0 with Captcha Module

Just upload both modules and captcha.php After install MyLinks and Captcha any submission will require an image authentication

Tested successfully with XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.4


Module: XSNS - Social Networking Service

gigamaster submitted 2008/4/5 8:23, published 2008/4/5 8:23 | 34020 views
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The purpose of this module is to group XOOPS registered users interested in talking with other users about a specific topic, or if you prefer, to group some members to exchange ideas about a topic, upload pictures and files.


Module: OpenID Module

nat submitted 2008/2/10 22:26, published 2008/2/12 10:39 | 31635 views
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OpenID Module enables users to login to Xoops and Xoopscube sites with their OpenID.

Once successfully authenticated to an OpenID Provider such as Yahoo!, AOL etc., users are asked whether s/he has an existing account at the site to link the OpenID to that account or create a new one.

Supports OpenID 2.0 and thus, XRDS, XRI, etc. Also, it supports sreg so if the OpenID Provider supports it, it can populate the Xoops users table as well.

Tested against Yahoo!, Linksafe, 2idi.


Module: MediaLinks - a Video contents module

nobu submitted 2007/11/16 11:26, published 2007/11/17 10:12 | 30218 views
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The "medialinks" is a module for video materials (wmv, mov, etc). This module work display arrange videos and show it.

This module work almost same as "Links" (e.g. mylinks module) which special for video. Not handle video file itself. Upload content file and feed management not include.

This module will be build video site like YouTube, probably. :-)

Module: Admin Theme Changer v0.21

gigamaster submitted 2007/10/30 0:53, published 2007/10/30 0:53 | 26839 views
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XOOPS Cube Legacy benefits from a very unique and original concept where freedom plays a central role and demonstrates that an healthy open source environment is feasible without a common business model.

This module release is another proof of concept that may convince the hesitant users, developers and designers of the good balance between development and design that exist in a solid base of freedom for innovation and creativity.


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