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The animation slide explains "XOOPS Cube" to you

minahito submitted 2008/2/4 23:11, published 2008/2/4 23:11 | 42111 views
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I made the slide edition of "the 10 reasons why you should touch XOOPS Cube". The slide has some animations to explain well. Perhaps, this graphical expression covers my poor English and tell the truth to you.

The file size of the slide is too large, so you need to download the file completely by using "Save As...". After you will enjoy the slide. The license of the slide is CCA 2.5, so you can use the slide freely.

Download from here.

(Click the right-button, and choose "Save As")

My English in the slide may be incorrect, could you tell me my mistake?

I'm sorry. Because I made the first version for a certain event in Japan, the slide includes international great sites enough.

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Re: The animation slide explains "XOOPS Cube" to you 
plusangel posted 2008/2/5 1:57

Congrats Minahito!

Great illustration :)

Re: The animation slide explains "XOOPS Cube" to you 
gigamaster posted 2008/2/5 5:49

I'm looking for a new job !

I can prepare a Short, Smooth but Strong
latin coffee or get some fresh beer while playing
games that you win.


P.S. Note that this could be compressed as many are not lucky as are Japanese, at least in Tokyo, browsing at 10mb/s !!!

Re: The animation slide explains "XOOPS Cube" to you 
marco posted 2008/2/6 7:30
very nice presentation.
it needs,as you said, some improvements, perhaps could you add its content (without images, only words) in a wiki so some can improve quickly its translation.
goooood job !

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