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The First Release of Hoda-juku Distribution

minahito submitted 2008/3/3 23:21, published 2008/3/3 23:21 | 27879 views

The Hoda-juku distribution 1.0 is available! This distribution is a special package that collects popular modules and implements many customizing. If you think that the distribution is just package, you're misunderstanding. The distribution has 10+1 big differences from pure Package_Legacy.


The animation slide explains "XOOPS Cube" to you

minahito submitted 2008/2/4 23:11, published 2008/2/4 23:11 | 42117 views
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I made the slide edition of "the 10 reasons why you should touch XOOPS Cube". The slide has some animations to explain well. Perhaps, this graphical expression covers my poor English and tell the truth to you.

The file size of the slide is too large, so you need to download the file completely by using "Save As...". After you will enjoy the slide. The license of the slide is CCA 2.5, so you can use the slide freely.

Download from here.

(Click the right-button, and choose "Save As")

My English in the slide may be incorrect, could you tell me my mistake?

I'm sorry. Because I made the first version for a certain event in Japan, the slide includes international great sites enough.

XOOPS Cube 2.1.3 released

minahito submitted 2008/1/5 16:36, published 2008/1/5 16:36 | 22155 views
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XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.3 has been released. This is a minor upgrade version, contains many bug fixes contributed by volunteers and implements some feature requests. Download from here!


XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.3 RC release

gigamaster submitted 2007/12/24 1:03, published 2007/12/24 1:03 | 22823 views
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XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.3 RC was released. This is a minor upgrade version, contains many bug fixes contributed by volunteers and implements some requested feature.

RC means 'Release Candidate' and becomes the stable version through our tests. So, lets go for a test of this RC please and report to local communities forums and sourceforge project tracker if you encounter any trouble.

If this RC doesn't contain fatal issues, we will release the stable version New Year's first week.


The snapshot of next XOOPS Cube released, with documents

minahito submitted 2007/12/8 23:22, published 2007/12/8 23:22 | 39526 views
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8th Dec, 2007. XOOPS Cube project release the snapshot of next XOOPS Cube idea on the road map. This snapshot is made from "minahito_sandbox" branch of /XCube_PHP4. This package can not run as CMS, but implements some new important feature. To understand the purpose of this snapshot, you should download documents. We prepared easy (?) documents in English and Japanese. We keep efforts to consider what mechanism XOOPS Cube should implement . Check our CVS! Download from here.

IRC channel becomes a regular AND gusagi joins the project

minahito submitted 2007/12/8 1:06, published 2007/12/8 1:06 | 25170 views

XOOPS Cube project began using IRC channel as a regular. And, Mr. gusagi joins the project to help IRC management & others. For more informations, read the news of XOOPS Cube project.

How to connect to IRC channel

minahito submitted 2007/11/23 21:32, published 2007/11/23 21:32 | 25267 views

This new wiki article explains how to connect to XOOPS Cube IRC channel. You can choose your favorite IRC client from a number of clients in any OS, so this article uses Colloquy in Mac OS X. You will get new "How To". And you may add explanations to the page for other OS --- Windows and Linux.

IRC Channel Opened for test

minahito submitted 2007/11/17 1:17, published 2007/11/17 1:17 | 31129 views

In the sourceforge.net forum, we have discussed whether we should have a IRC channel. And now, we opened a channel for test

- server: irc.freenode.net
- channel: ##xoopscube
- Choose UTF-8 encode in your IRC channel.

"Gusagibot" is joining to the channel always. Gusagibot is a bot who keeps a channel open state. The bod is supplied from Mr, gusagi. Thanks!

We can record logs of IRC. But, we should not use IRC for important topics that we need log. So I don't know whether we need log. Because XOOPS Cube is open world, we may need log of IRC. But, many OSS projects doesn't publish logs, because they don't talk important topics in IRC.

Ummm... At the beginning, test ##xoopscube channel. Then, let's decide rules!

Gigamaster and Sertes join the project

minahito submitted 2007/11/10 0:07, published 2007/11/10 0:07 | 24846 views

Xoopserver (aka Gigamaster) has been a familiar face to most of you in xoopscube.org and other sites. He is one of most popular contributors in the XOOPS world.


XOOPS Cube Developers Meeting #1 Report

Shine submitted 2007/10/30 18:32, published 2007/10/30 23:36 | 28366 views
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On 28-10-2007 the XOOPS Cube Developers Meeting gathered many contributors. We discussed about the feature of XOOPS Cube and decided to begin working for actual comeout.

For the whole article see: http://sunday-lab.blogspot.com/2007/10/yesterday-xoops-cube-developers-meeting.html

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