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XOOPS Cube Related Project List

Releation Projects which isn't on the support site list are here. By free soul, these self-activities will enhance friendship and collaboration. Because XOOPS Cube project knows that the official title is disvalue, the official site doesn't try to extend official contents. And, Cube project welcomes these hot activities.

(in alphabetical order)



This site has some sample modules and the repository to keep them the latest version. The project page handles the forum and the bug & patch trackers for improving samples and documents. Documents of this project are under CCA 2.5. Also sources of the project are under GPL.

XOOPSCube 2.1 :: German Translations

XOOPSCube 2.1 :: German Translation The language files of the CMS XOOPSCube 2.1 translated into german language.


Traducciones totales o parciales de m?ulos y Core para XoopsCube? en espa?l. http://riosoft.es Parcial or full spanish translations for Xoopscube: Core, modules, blocks, themes, documentation!


Hoda juku (Hoda Institute of XOOPS)

Hodajuku is the study-session group about XOOPS and Cube in Japan. Some programers and some designers join to hodajuku.


How to ask Wiki

This wiki tries to establish the smart method how to ask in the forum for beginners, like Eric S. Raymond's How To Ask Questions The Smart Way. These documents are for xoopscube.jp users and other OSS users. It's under MIT. You can join to them anytime.


This site makes the FAQ list for xoopscube.jp and others. There are many many beginners in Japan. XOOPS Cube FAQ tries to support Japanese beginners. Contents of this site are under MIT. We are allowed to translate these great contents. This is a kind of community sites, so you can register anytime.

XOOPS Cube Shade

This project tries to develop the example next generation base module "Shade" and the code generator "cubson". Members of this project took the project account in sourceforge.jp, so this project's content is japanese only now. But, their programs are international program. And, they are preparing to go to sourceforge.net. You need your sourceforge.jp account to join to the forum and trackers.

XOOPS Cube Tokai

This site is the user community in the Tokai region in Japan, which is famous by Toyota and the Aichi Expo. There are many designers who can understand PHP well. And, they hold the study-session every month. This is a kind of community sites, so you can register anytime.


Xoops Users Group Japan handles any XOOPSs which are XOOPS.org, XOOPS Cube Legacy, XOOPS Cube other base, ORETEKI-XOOPS, MOX and new XOOPS family. Members tries to write manuals in Japanese. This is a kind of community sites, so you can register anytime.

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