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  #freeze	uid:13	aid:0	gid:2
  // author:13
  // author_ucd:dMfjvJW1wVJE	Tom_G3X
  * weblinks [#vcced50e]
  |Module name|weblinks|
  |Version|1.51 |
  |Status|Compatibility OK|
  |Category|links directory|
  **Reports [#ufa789b2]
  ***Report (1) [#ka0f1750]
  |Cube version|---|
  |Web server|---|
  |Module name|Weblinks|
  This module has some problems in Cube Legacy, because Legacy has changed the list of preferences. [[Mjolnir has reported:http://xoopscube.jp/modules/xhnewbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=3754&forum=1&post_id=16314#forumpost16314]], this module can't get some config items about meta/footer:
   $xoopsConfigMetaFooter =& $config_handler->getConfigsByCat(XOOPS_CONF_METAFOOTER);
  |Download URL|http://linux.ohwada.jp/|
  He showed the work around:
   // X is mid of Legacy_Render module.
   $xoopsConfigMetaFooter =& $config_handler->getConfigsByCat(0,X);
  Legacy has to fix this problem with emulating XOOPS2.
  This module is web links directory.~->
  ***Report (2) [#qad8000b]
  This is more powerful than mylinks.->
  Requirement ~->
  (1) happy_linux module v1.20 is required.~->
  (2) rssc module v0.70 is required when use rss feeds.~->
  (3) memory_limit more than 16 MB->
  Issues are fixed with release 1.51 and compatible with the last XOOPS Cube version 2.1!
  ***Report [#sc26c1fc]
  &font(b,Red){/!\ Requires HappyLinux module 0.91};~
  This module is the library collection for modules distributing in Happy Linux
  |Cube version|XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1|
  |Web server|Apache 1.3.36|

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Page name:XOOPSCubeLegacy/ModuleCompatibility/Weblinks
Author:Tom_G3X - 2008/03/13 19:37:31 JST(3597d)
Last edit:gigamaster - 2009/04/03 01:10:22 JST(3212d)
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