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Theme: XCL Theme BTcss Multiple Blocks Position

gigamaster submitted 2009/7/19 13:31, published 2009/7/19 13:31 | 40201 views
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XCL 2.2 Theme built with BlueTrip CSS Framework

Highly inspired by Gijoe work ^_^

This is a sample to show how to build a theme with a css framework and how to simple manage multiple blocks position by order/weight from admin interface.


Announcements: XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.7 released!

gigamaster submitted 2009/5/24 21:17, published 2009/5/24 21:17 | 25428 views
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The project released XOOPS Cube Legacy (aka Package_Legacy) 2.1.7.
This is a minor upgrade version from 2.1.6a, contains many fixes and many
enhancements and includes all patches of 2.1.6a security fix. more...

Announcements: XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.7 RC released!

gigamaster submitted 2009/4/9 18:37, published 2009/4/9 18:37 | 22809 views
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The project released XOOPS Cube Legacy (aka Package_Legacy) 2.1.7 RC. This is a minor upgrade version from 2.1.6a, contains many fixes and many enhancements and includes all patches of 2.1.6a security fix.

Please test this RC and report issues if you encounter any troubles. You may post reports to the project forum or local community forum. more...

Theme: XOOPS Cube 2.2 First Experimental Site

gigamaster submitted 2008/12/23 23:25, published 2008/12/23 23:25 | 27458 views
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"One of the most difficult tasks people can perform, however much others may despise it, is the invention of good games."

C.G. Jung

Since XOOPS Cube branch 2.2 main goal is to improve User Interface, documentation and show the possibilities of Legacy. We start a designers workshop with a short explanation of Legacy features and a simple 'game' with a combination of challenge, competition and interaction to have fun.

Saying we could do almost everything, I had to create a development environment, downloading and installing a server and the last Package Legacy (SVN) to create a Mac-like web desktop.

Only open source technologies and software were allowed. The final site should run with default package only, without any extra module installed.

Here is the stuff used and the final web site


Theme: XOOPS Cube Theme Repository

gigamaster submitted 2008/12/4 22:29, published 2008/12/4 22:29 | 29913 views
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Since some designers will join XOOPS Cube Project, the CSS Frameworks and Themes from XCL UNMG distribution repository are moved to xoopscube-themes.

Main task is to create a few themes built on CSS Frameworks and Wanikoo Themes. Finally release these themes as samples and make tutorials to set free everyone creativity. Volunteers with html and css skills are welcome! more...

Module: XOOPS Cube Module Repository

gigamaster submitted 2008/12/4 22:27, published 2008/12/4 22:27 | 26364 views
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The originally XCL UNMG distribution repository has now a huge list of XOOPS Cube modules that can be found in Compatibility wiki reports and that should benefit from the 'common interface'. Main task is to review templates and icons set. Any volunteers with html and css skills are welcome.

XOOPS Cube UNMG Distribution is released with the first changes to Package Legacy branch 2.2 and samples (data and themes). more...

Announcements: XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.6 release!

gigamaster submitted 2008/11/21 18:05, published 2008/11/21 18:05 | 25148 views
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Posted by Minahito

Thank you for your testing. Here's the latest maintenance release for the v2.1 stable, since it has finished RC schedule. It has a number of bugfixes which we recommend you update.

The project has just completed main tasks of v2.1 and will begin running v2.2 in full swing!


Announcements: XOOPS Cube Legacy Experimental aka UNMG

gigamaster submitted 2008/11/16 20:04, published 2008/11/16 20:04 | 20805 views
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The main goal of XOOPS Cube Legacy Modules repository was to provide a common Graphical User Interface (templates set, stylesheet, icons) and release a package with a set of modules ready to use out of the box.

Recently it becomes an experimental repository to test future features. And today it includes the following css frameworks (themes) and modules.


Announcements: XOOPS Cube Project Technology and Ethics

gigamaster submitted 2008/11/12 11:30, published 2008/11/12 11:30 | 61267 views

We had many discussions on xoopscube.org about open source philosophy, psychology, how to set up a clean environment with equity and the application of the dictates of conscience or fair principles.

This was discussed openly in english and I believe the japanese members made the most important contribution. With release 2.16 we are ready to design together the future.

However, open source spirit and design approache seems to be misunderstood by XOOPS Cube Project international communities. Such freedom is not common in our modern societies. This human adventure is a new experience to all!

Because we are all human beings behind the screen making tools to be used by ourselves to express our creativity in our all day life. I would like to share with you a vision of future ethics by simple watching a video explaining our societies and our common human behavior.

Announcements: XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.6 RC2 is available!

gigamaster submitted 2008/10/27 19:30, published 2008/10/27 19:30 | 17364 views
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Download From:

Release Note & Change Log:

XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.6 RC2 is available. This is the latest version of 2.1.x
and its Release Candidate. We're going to release the stable edition in a
weeks, if 2.1.6 RC2 doesn't have any big bugs. more...

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